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Morning Sex

August 7th, 2011

I love being work up to a stiff wet warm tongue up against my now throbbing clitty.  What a way to wake up, morning sex.  How do you like to be woke up?  Do you have a hot phone sex fantasy you want to share with me?  I would love to hear all about it and be the first to give you cum loaded orgasm this morning.

Many ask me what turns me on… Well that is a loaded a question because a lot turns me on.  I may look like that sweet innocent girl. But behind closed doors I am the one your mother always warned you about.  I am a no taboo phone sex girl, I love to hear all about your extreme and dirty fantasies.  Rather it involves a rape fantasy or something a little more perverted.  But we both can’t get excited unless you call me.  So quit playing alone, pick up that phone and let’s get off together.

Jaclyn 1 877 432 8989  /

Oral Phone Sex

July 30th, 2011

Nothing better than waking up to hot tongue against your clitty.  Feels so good.  Are you in the mood for some hot wet steamy oral phone sex?  I love to wrap my lips around a stiff boner.  Letting it slide down my throat and tickling the back of it.  Mmmm waiting for that morning protein to fill me up.


Also how bringing that cock a little closer to my backdoor.  I love some anal phone sex play.  Imagine me on my hands and knees with my cute little ass up in the air.  Your sliding right inside that puckered whole.  Does that turn you on?  It sure does me.


So tell me darling what kind of phone sex fantasy are you in the mood for? Something really naughty and taboo?  Don’t be afraid to call and share it with me.  I have been playing on the phone that there isn’t much that surprises me or that I don’t like to hear about or role-play.  I have a very open and imaginative mind that I would love to share with you.  Some cum share yours with me.


Jaclyn 1-877-432-8989

Anything Goes Phone Sex

June 14th, 2011

I am back and better than ever.  Well I have been here just not blogging because I was so busy working on my masters.  So now that I have more time to not just play but to blog on my naughty sexual stories, my hot steamy phone sex calls and anything else.  Are you ready for some anything goes phone sex play?  Then call me and let’s get busy.  Let me start by giving you a hot steamy blow job.  I have a very vivid imagination describing the details to you that it will almost feel like I am right there giving it to you.  Wet, steamy, slurping all up and down it. 

Or maybe you have a hot fantasy that involves me being daddy’s girl, the naughty seductive babysitter, or the student who teases her professors to get that special “A”.  Whatever your phone sex fantasy is, let me satisfy you and show you I know just how to please you.  I am anything goes phone sex girl so come on darling and let me give you a wild time and a time you wont forget. 

Juicy Jaclyn  1 877 432 8989

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

December 14th, 2010

Today is one of those days that I am in the mood to play lots. I woke up wet and horny for a big cock. I had my fingers down inside my panties rubbing my clit but it just isn’t fun without someone. So would you like to be my mutual masturbation phone sex partner today? I can moan, breathe heavy or even scream for you since I am home all alone. I am a very naughty mood and I just don’t know how long I can wait to play. I guess this cold weather does it to me since I can’t get out in the yard and enjoy the day. I will just stay in bed and play.

I love kinky phone sex fantasies and if you don’t have one for me I have several we can choose from. Some are so taboo I just can’t mention here (if you know what I mean).  Maybe we can take a trip down to the barn yard. Or perhaps a trip down memory lane when I was younger. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me. Rings privately to my bedroom where I await you. I have my toys (if my fingers don’t do the job) and I have my lotions and I am ready for an orgasmic time.

Mention my blog and I will even throw in 5 minutes FREE with your paid call.

Jaclyn 1-866-473-9963

Erotic Phone Sex

November 23rd, 2010

 Have we met before? Well let me tell you about me and who I am. I am Jaclyn, your erotic phone sex diva now for over 5 years. Why that long? Because I enjoy phone sex and I truly love my callers who I have pleasures with and have gotten to know. I am erotic phone sex hottie and I love to please men. My ears are open to anything you want to tell me and it is never shared.  I love to hear all about you, what you like and don’t like, what turns you on and off.  Are you into taboo phone sex or are you just looking for someone to masturbate with? I enjoy mutual masturbation, its better then playing alone. I may not be there in person with you but with my voice, my mind when you close my eyes you will be able to feel my breath on your neck, my hands on your legs and my lips when they wrap around your cock.

I get several who will call me and ask me if I am good. Well there is only one way to find out but I personally feel yes and if I wasn’t I don’t think I would still be doing this. I believe phone sex and pleasing men was my calling, now I just need you to call me and let me prove to you that you wont be disappointed. Let me be your phone sex playmate.
Kisses, Jaclyn * 1-866-473-9963

Anything Goes Phone Sex

November 9th, 2010

What are you in the mood for today? I am feeling frisky and in the mood for some anything goes phone sex. Yes I did say anything goes. So whatever it is you desire then call me. If you want a little CBT phone sex then grab you some ice, clamps, candles (light them so the wax will be metling), a paddle or belt and anything else you have handy. Or maybe you desire some sensual love making, we can do that too.

Or is mommy away and you need daddy’s girl to crawl in bed and snuggle with you? I can do that too daddy. Anything to please you. So go ahead and give me a call and mention my blog and I will give you FREE 5 minutes with your paid call. But this offer wont last forever so quit waisting pleasure time and call me.

Jaclyn ~ 1-866-473-9963

Anything Goes Phone Sex

October 31st, 2010

Need a sweet treat for Halloween? I need a lollipop to suck on till I find the creamy middle? Do you have one for me? I will gladly lick up and down slowly while looking you in the eyes. Working my tongue all around the top of it.  Mmmmm I love oral phone sex and I love giving a blow job and I swallow too. I don’t waste any of it.

Or maybe you want to bury your treasure in my cave for Halloween. Cum on and bury it. I would love to wrapy my sweet pus lips around your dick and feel you slide right inside of me. Going deeper and deeper as I wrap my legs around your waist as you pump in and out of me. Oh aww I love being banged good and hard.

So what did you have in mind? Call me today (October 31 – Halloween) and receive 5 minutes free with your paid call of 15 minutes or more. So what are you waiting on I will give you an erotic trick with a treat of free minutes. Must mention Halloween special when you call me. I will be waiting in my nurse costume or maybe my little maid outfit or maybe I will just surprise you. :)

Kisses, Jaclyn


Toll Free Phone Sex

October 12th, 2010

 Hello sweetie, I am glad you stopped by to read a little about me. First of all in case you didn’t notice my name is Jaclyn. I am a grad school student who is enjoying life. I have been doing phone sex for several years and love what I do. I love the guys I talk to. No matter what your fantasy, role play or story is, it is discreet with me and no judging because I have a few kinky fantasies myself. And yes I will be more than glad to share them with you.

I love what I do and I am a anything goes phone sex girl. I have no taboos and there is nothing and I do mean NOTHING that we can’t talk about when we get on the phone. I am here to satisfy your fantasy and I plan doing just that and making it feel as though it is actually taking place. I hope that you will call me and see what I am about. My number is toll free and rings directly to me. You do need a credit card (visa, mastercard or discover) or a debit check card. The billing is discreet just like our conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Jaclyn 1-866-473-9963

Sensual Phone Sex

October 3rd, 2010

Come into my bedroom darling for some sensual phone sex pleasure. Set back, relax and let me take control of your cock. Slowly undressing you and taking my time as I touch your body gently. Oh don’t touch your cock until I have said so. And I haven’t said so just yet. I know it’s getting hard. Just set back and relax darling. I will lead you into a guided masturbation phone sex call that will have you blowing your mind along with your load. I will tell you how to wrap your hand around your cock and gently stroke it up and down, up and down.

Are you getting really hard darling? Then wait to more give me a call for  your sensual phone sex session. I promise you wont be disappointed. But I must warn you that you may become addicted to my sensual voice explaining to you exactly what to do, taking control of your cock and your mind.

I am Jaclyn and I will be your pleasure toy today. 1-866473-9963

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

September 20th, 2010

Just finished a hot mutual masturbation phone sex call with ~JK~. He said my pussy made him so hard that he just had to call me for some naughty fun. So we started with some foreplay of kissing, then he worked his tongue down to my sweet love box and it was on from there.  Nothing pleases me more then some oral sex fun.
What do you have in mind tonight? Looking for some hot nasty  phone sex fun?  Then call me I am home all alone and ready to cum some more.

Jaclyn 866-473-9963


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